This statistic is very alarming, 45% of youth are unemployed. What are your thoughts on this? 

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  • This is incredibly important. If youth aren't in schools then they should be in the work force.

  • I saw a news story the other (and I can't for the life of me find a link to it now) about "Speed dating for students" up in Auckland.

    I was a networking evening where they could meet professionals and have mini-interviews. Something like that would be great in Hamilton. But I think it should be open to everyone (not just students) so that all people can get the opportunity to do practice interviews and get a feeling of what to say or what not to say!

  • I think that more work experience opportunities during high school would encourage young people to consider different employment opportunities. It would also create relationships for them, and they will be able to 'network'

  • I definitely think that our youth are always being told in our society that academic achievement are vital and achieving is more important than putting what you know to test, or to encourage a wide range of interest and finding their passion, and be rewarded for these interests. Our education system have been designed that way,to value theory. Coming to Steph's point, so many young people don't engage in expanding in their horizons or have a variety of interests due to the fact there are such great emphasis on academic excellences,sometimes almost in saying that as long as you are great academically, that's all it matters. Another issue may be an attitude problem, once you have a higher education, youth start to feel that they have the right to pick and choose when in fact it really is about putting yourself out there and putting a foot in the door first, but we are not told that.

  • I agree with Karina and the uni's and techs are training all these people but there isn't always jobs for them. so we have people who have finishing uni or tech and having a great qualification with no where to put it. So what is the point in some on these qualifications if there is no where for the student who finish to go. Another thing is that a lot of employers want qualified people but when someone comes along wanting the job so that they can get experience they are turned away. So how are they going to get the experience if the employers won't give them a chance.
  • Yes it is a small percentage, but I would say a lot of those youth are either not interested in getting a job, maybe because they don't need to when they are that age, or they are still living at home off their parents, or maybe they don't have the skills, or they could just be lazy. 
    I think the classification of 'youth' could have a lot of factors behind the percentage.

  • I agree with the comments below, high school set me up to believe that university was the way to go and by all means higher education is a great thing but isn't always right for everyone. Schools should be helping students pursue what they are passionate about and lead them in the direction that they want to go. I know so many 21-22 year olds that haven't worked a part time job there whole life and I've had a job since i was 15. Having a part time job encourages kids to be self motivated and learn the value of a dollar

  • I agree with Matt! At school, the careers advisers tell you to go to University in order to succeed and get a job but at no stage to they encourage you to get a part time job or even how to go about it! 

  • Such a small percentage of youth working, really surprised me thought it would be more than that! More effort should be put in at high school level encouraging an helping students to find suitable part time work.
  • Our current generation struggles with work ethic. They are lazy are cannot be bothered with hard work. One day they will wake up and realize that they need to work other wise they won't have what they need to survive. Mum and dad won't be there for them forvever.

    I agree with Deon though, we do need to see the Youth Wage back. This could be a solution to this problem? But does not solve their poor work ethic

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